Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions

By submitting a wedding dress on this website, the advertiser acknowledges legal ownership of the dress and the legal right to sell the dress. Should any dress be sold illegally in using this website or a Sell My Dress sale, Sell My Dress cannot be held responsible for any illegal actions taken by its advertisers or prospective buyers. In addition, the advertiser gives Sell My Dress permission to collect, process and store their data as provided. The advertiser also gives consent to receive online messages and emails with regards to their listing and acknowledges that they will be contacted by various buyers and Sell My Dress.

By listing your dress on this website you give consent to Sell My Dress to use your images for advertising purposes.

Only dresses owned by individuals residing within the South African borders are eligible for submission and no bridal accessories (e.g. veils, shoes, garters etc.) can be listed on the website or included in event listings.

The advertiser acknowledges that in the selection of the “Standard”, “Premium” and “Boutique” options, Sell My Dress provides an advertising platform only, with the advertiser remaining responsible for the sale of the dress out of hand for the advertised price at the prevailing time.

If you are reported for not responding to enquiries from prospective brides, we will notify you by email. If you do not respond to Sell My Dress within 14 days your dress wil be deleted from the website.

Advertisers agree to remove the website listing as soon as the advertised dress is sold. Should a  website listing not be removed, the advertiser will be liable for an R500 penalty fee.

No refunds will apply when dresses are sold prior to the end of your agreement time or on any other advertising platform.

Should our website be dysfunctional for more than 7 days, your advertising period will be prolonged at the same time. No refunds will apply.

Every dress listing and submission must be accompanied by four dress images: Full Front, Full back, one of you wearing the dress, and one image of the dress material close-up. Only one best image of a dress is required for the event.

All sizes indicated on the website are to be based on South African sizes. Sell My Dress does not take any liability for the accuracy of the size quoted by an advertiser.

By selecting the appropriate statement (dress is pre-loved/used, the dress has been dry cleaned.), the advertiser guarantees the applicable statement to be accurate and true for the listed dress. Sell My Dress does not take any liability or offer any guarantee for the accuracy of this selection.

Any inappropriate images will be removed and no refunds will apply.

All “Standard” option advertisers will receive a reminder prior to the expiration date of their listing and will have a choice to renew the advertisement. Should renewal not be selected, the listing will automatically be removed upon expiration.

Sell My Dress is not responsible for any outcomes or agreements for dresses bought directly from advertisers or decisions made by and agreements between buyers and advertisers.

Please note that rental should be approximately 30-40% of the selling price. The Selling price should be at least 50% of the original purchase price.

Rental Terms & Conditions

Should the owner of the dress offer a rental option, the agreement for rental would be a strictly private agreement between the owner of the dress and the hiring individual.

Sell My Wedding Dress will not get involved with any rental agreements and/or disputes between the two above mentioned parties.

The risk for renting of the dress, would be fully the risk of the dress owner.

Please note that rental should be approximately 30-40% of the selling price. The Selling price should be at least 50% of the original purchase price.